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Welcome to Howz My is a industry leading initiative from Goldstar Transport aimed at providing all road users with an opportunity to work together to make our roads safer.

Goldstar Transport prides itself on the professional attitude its drivers take to each and every trip they make, and ensure all drivers are routinely and rigorously tested to the Highest Saftey Standards possible.

Here are Goldstar Transport, our goal is to help all roads users reach their destinations safely.


Do truck drivers need special licenses?

Yes. Federal law requires Truck Drivers to obtain a HR Licence.

Who oversees large truck safety in Australia?

The Australian Trucking Association (ATA) is the national peak body that monitors the entire trucking industry. Providing a single, authoritative voice on relevant issues of truck safety.

Can hours-of-service monitoring be improved?

A growing number of trucks are equipped with global positioning systems (GPS) which also indicate when trucks are in motion. Goldstar Transport are proud to have GPS tracking installed throughout their fleet.